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Head on a Platter

Organic Storm - extra large footed platter

Organic Storm - extra large footed platter

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Spectacular. Powerful. Words that could be used to describe this beautiful, extra large stoneware bowl that is guaranteed to impress!

Hand built using white stoneware clay and food safe reactive glazes, we have the perfect multitasker - a beautiful and unique centrepiece to admire every day, yet one which is always ready to come and join in the celebrations when it's ever needed for food! 

Because space can be at such a premium these days, and for sustainability trying to reduce unnecessary duplication is one of my aims, it is great to be able to offer a piece that is both Functional and Decorative. 

Now, more of the creation:

A (very!) large slab of clay was rolled out and loosely draped over a plaster mould I made earlier. After letting it firm up for a couple of hours, I switched over to attaching and smoothing out coils of clay to start forming the rim. The benefit of using coils in a case like this, is that it gives me the freedom to create the "movement" of the rim as I go along, instead of only at set times. I also used a small plaster press mould to make 4 little feet, which I attached to the bottom of the bowl with vinegar and slip (runny clay) the following day. Day 2 involved mostly tidying up the design, ensuring all connections are smooth and secure, shaving areas where needed to ensure a consistent clay thickness throughout, and whatever else might pop up. A strangely relaxing, meditative couple of hours that I always, bizarrely I'm sure, enjoy!

As far as decorating, multiple techniques were used to achieve the organic look and feel of the design. Here, I wanted to combine elements of nature, so the underside of the bowl is imprinted with seeds for texture during building stage, and then coloured with red and black iron oxide washes after the first (bisque) kiln firing. Layering multiple reactive glazes (up to 9 layers at certain areas!) on the inside of the bowl allowed me to incorporate spectacular flows. The second kiln firing was up to a cone 7 (1240 °C), and after a long 2 day wait before I could open the kiln, I was delighted to see the amazing patterns of this very special, truly unique piece!

And somewhere in the middle of it all a lot of cleaning, sponging, sanding, glazing, washing, some more cleaning, kiln packings and unpackings, and mostly, a lot of waiting! Slow drying, slow firing, slow cooling... all things that feels like waiting for Santa when I'm midway through an exciting project!

And that is pretty much a (not very summarised...) summary of 5 busy but very exciting weeks! 

Some practicalities:

Food, microwave and dishwasher safe

Approximate* dimensions (length x width x height):

33 cm x 28 cm x 7 cm

* due to the nature of handmade ceramics, measurements can differ up to 2cm


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