My journey

Salomé Aucamp

I'm a passionate ceramic artist nestled in the enchanting seaside village of Malahide, Ireland.
Originating from a farm in rural South Africa, my roots in nature have shaped my artistic journey. Nature, with its textures, tranquility, and fleeting moments, serves as the wellspring of my inspiration.

The genesis of each project lies in the essence I envision—a strong and majestic presence or a beauty to be cherished intimately. As I embark on a new creation, I draw from the lush landscapes of the Irish countryside, the patterns in rock-pools, and the memories of mountains from my homeland.

My creative process is a dynamic evolution. Starting with a concept, I mold the rough design, selecting clay that complements the piece's size and purpose. Techniques vary, from pinching and carving to connecting coils and draping clay over custom plaster molds. The journey doesn't end with shaping; I meticulously introduce texture using rocks, seeds, and other elements. A gradual drying period precedes the initial controlled firing in a white-hot kiln in order to transform the fragile greenware into durable ceramic.

Salomé at work

The glazing phase is where my vision comes to life. I revel in the interplay between raw clay and reactive glazes, using iron oxide washes for exterior texture and glossy, flowing glazes for internal movement. Firing at even hotter temperatures, the interaction of multiple reactive glazes yields mesmerising, one-of-a-kind patterns. Layering with precision ensures each piece is distinctly unique.

hand building

Hand-building is my preferred ceramic technique, a discipline with stringent rules that paradoxically grants my imagination boundless freedom. Compressing, connecting, smoothing — within these confines, I let my shapes remain organic, edges imbued with a sense of life and movement.

Collaborating with clients on private commissions is a deeply rewarding experience. It allows me to infuse meaning, personal to each client, into every creation, transforming them into cherished elements of everyday life. Join me on this artistic journey, where nature's whispers guide my hands, and every piece tells a unique, heartfelt story.


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