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Head on a Platter

Impressionist-inspired large platter

Impressionist-inspired large platter

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Handbuilt stoneware platter made using the slab technique.

Additional depth and texture is added by painting with thick layers of coloured decorating slip before carving for moving fields and a soft horizon.

One of the main reasons for carving texture when using ceramics as my canvas is that, when using reactive glazes as the final step, it "breaks" and floats a different colour depending on thickness. So the moving fields, for example, is glazed using 3 different glazes (9 layers) over the same area, but in different thicknesses. Not only do they interact and flow when they reach my chosen temperature - in this case 1220C - they also break thinner on the edges of a carving, giving me the soft browns I want, turning into multi-tonal greens. Reactive glaze magic on a truly unique piece.

The highly glossy glazes on the front of this platter is given a soft divide on the horizon by introducing a satin-matte effect glaze. The back then contrasts beautifully due to texture imprinted in the wet clay with seeds during the building stage. Red and black iron oxide washes during the final glazing stage completes this area.

A very special display piece, but also food safe should you wish to use art in your everyday life.


Approximate* size: 26cm in diameter 

* due to the unique nature of handbuilt ceramics, please allow variances of up to 1cm

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