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Green Dimentions extra large coil pot

Green Dimentions extra large coil pot

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Handbuilt in a strong, stoneware crank clay using thick coils over several weeks.

The building process starts with me rolling out coils of clay which I connect and smooth one layer (approx 1cm) at a time. Clay of this type cannot be force dried without the risk of it cracking, so after a couple of rounds around the now ever growing pot, it is loosely wrapped in cling film and left to firm up enough for me to continue the next day. Whilst this is a slow process, it is actually quite meditative, and I love that feeling of growing together. The close contact, the bond. 

Next step is finalising the form using various tools - shaving and grating the pot to create smooth curves, compacting the clay with wooden paddles, and then finally smoothing the clay once more with a metal kidney.  

Due to its size, slow drying takes another month before the first of two firings for 24 hrs in the kiln can happen. Satin matte earthy green glaze in different thicknesses results in the dramatic greens and browns of the final piece.

Heavy and very strong, a truly dramatic display piece. 

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